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Guys, really... we have to do something.


Can people please just go over to this site and leave a comment to the effect that sending "Andy Blake" money or gifts is just not a good idea?

I can think of a dozen women's shelters right here in Salem that could make GOOD USE of the things that Amy is trying to scam for herself. And I bet there are some in your town, too.

It's making me SICK that she's getting away with exploiting this.
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A trip down memory lane

I was just looking up some old correspondents in the Tentmoot folder of my email box and opened a letter at random. Geeze, this stuff is mindboggling, even to me. If you miss Teh Crazy, here's a reminder (and I've met the writer in person, along with the friends she mentioned; the details were confirmed) I'm just going to post the whole thing, edited only to protect the privacy of the people named: Collapse )
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Not to forget the bystander...

I got a message from a friend of the other young man who was killed in this debacle. She pointed me to his FB page.

I don't know why I felt like I should post this, it's really pretty macabre, but everyone's talking about Ms. Quinn and Mr. Eisenburg... it just seems like Mr. Chambers deserves "recognition" too. Or something like that.

Anyway, yeah. Sad stuff.
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For the record...

Somewhere on some subset of FW, there is a post stating that "the DAYD community" (don't know if this is on FB, LJ, or what) received a mass-email about me. According to this email, I contacted one of Brittany's brothers and "shoved the wank in his face."

This is totally false. Period. I have never contacted anyone in the Quinn or Eisenburg family.

Several people claiming to be friends of theirs have written to me, and asked questions, which I've answered. These friends may have passed information along, but if so, that was their decision.

Anyone who can type the word "google" into a web browser may have discovered Amy Player wank and passed it along. Amy Wank is not exactly hard to procure.

Or, perhaps no one has shoved wank at the Quinns. Or perhaps this DAYD mass-mail was never sent, it's all just a rumor. I hope the whole thing is bunk, because shoving wank in the face of a grieving family member is just unspeakably rotten.

LATE ENTRY: I do have one "inside source" in the DAYD LJ community, who says they didn't receive any mass-mailing of this kind. So it's possible NONE of this even happened. Ugh.
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And there was blood, this time


Guess who the roommate was--the one who got shot in the foot?

"Andrew Blake."
aka Thanfiction.
aka Jordan Wood.
aka Victoria Bitter.
aka Amy Player.

And now "Andy's" asking for money for a plane flight to New Zealand. In order to walk across the country in a charity effort to benefit victims of domestic violence. Originally "Andy" wanted to do the walk to benefit the Christchurch earthquake victims, but this tragedy changed "Andy's" mind.

Lest we forget,Amy Player was found guilty of operating a fraudulent charity and illegally soliciting charitable donations. Amy still owes the real charity, Reading Is Fundamental, $3000. Besides, I'm quite sure that the only reason Amy wants to go to NZ is to sneak onto the set of "The Hobbit."

When Eisenburg's father quoted those "legal documents" that Eisenburg received, they had some familiar themes. Reminded me a lot of that fake Cease and Desist letter that Amy and Abbey sent to me and the entire cast of the LOTR films, actually. What do you want to bet that Amy wrote the "civil suit" that pushed Jason Eisenburg over the edge? What do you want to bet that this is why Jason Eisenburg shot Amy in the foot, through the locked door of the bathroom where Amy was hiding?

What do you want to bet that Amy charged into that bathroom at breakneck speed as soon as the gun showed up, locking Brittany Quinn outside to face the shooter alone?

I'm appalled. And yet there's nothing I can do. Three people are dead, and I know that Amy's lies and manipulations had something to do with it--if not EVERYTHING to do with it. Amy might as well have pulled the trigger. But if there's anything I've learned from all this, it's that it's easier for Amy to make people believe lies, than for me to make people believe the truth. And now that monster is getting away with murder, for real.