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You knew it was coming: "Andy's" latest Big Ask

Reported to me today: Brother, can you spare a dime (or $2000)?"

So the guy marries an American woman but still has to file $2k worth of paperwork in order to remain in the US? Can anyone confirm whether there's any truth to that?

And of course, somehow this little "fact" eluded their attention until a week before the deadline. This is a major M.O. for all con artists: everything is a rush, with a highly emotional outcome if YOU fail to act. That way you don't have time to think about things like "is this even a valid ask," or "should I really give money for someone stupid enough to wait until the last minute to raise money--especially for something they could have EASILY predicted, for MONTHS, would cost some dough?"

Wanna take bets on whether the DAYDians fall for this one?
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Future Entry from the "Trail of Tears Hike" Diary

"Hardships along the trail: Day 17. Vagina continues to bleed. Could I actually be a woman?"

--one of the Three Sockpuppets

OK, that just busted my gut.

BTW, if you'd like to keep up on the impending train wreck, the firsthand wank can be found here. I haven't had any interest in reading it, until someone on FB pointed out that "Andy" preached at a Baptist church during the hike. I had to take that one in. Alas, it wasn't the Westboros.

I think it was Moonjaguar who once said, "VB has such brass balls, how can she sit down without going 'clank'?"
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Had to bump this up... "Andy" shows what a thoughtful, feminist "guy" "he" is.

Just read for yourself.

Compare that to the "grrrrrrrrls rulz" blather on her latest fake charity.

So... the fandom is infested with girls, for whom "Andy" expresses clear contempt. Nice. Then "he" turns around and claims to advocate for abused women. How can you have contempt for the same people you say you want to help?

How can the DAYD folks not recognize this? I don't care whether you accept that Amy Player was "Andy's" former twin sister but later became a complete stranger who nonetheless shared her innermost motives and habits with "Andy"... How can you read these hostile generalizations about females, and then accept that "Andy" respects women enough to want to empower them?

If YOU wanted to empower abused people, would you write denigrating remarks about them?

Can I just say that when Amy, as "Jordan Wood," first came to my house in 2003, "he" walked in my living room, saw my two pet guinea pigs (in cages), and shrieked? I hesitate to say "shrieked like a girl," because that would be redundant.

I guess shrieking at a caged rodent is not "Little bubble-headed" girly, especially for someone who claims to be making "his" first kill around that same time.

Sorry, sometimes I need to rant, too.
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Another Way Back letter--sockpuppetry this time

OK, so last week I was trying to free some space on my hard drive when I deleted something important and got the Blue Screen of Death. Couldn't fix it, no one could, had to reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows. Bleah. So I spent today reloading programs (fortunately I had data on one drive, programs on the other--so mostly I lost downloaded programs, not Irreplaceable Stuff). That included rebuilding my Outlook Express mailboxes from backup. (Sorry, I know, I know, but I'm getting to the good part. Bear with me for 5 more sentences). Collapse )