turimel (turimel) wrote,

Suggestions for Making Sense of This LJ and the Titanic of Wanks:

If you are just getting started at exploring the massive fraud that was Bit of Earth, Welcome. These suggestions might help you find your way through this morbidly fascinating recap of the schemes, scams, etc. that hoodwinked half the cast of the LOTR film trilogy.

Main Suggestion: Buy the book instead, here: www.turondo.com. It's much more organized, includes extra tidbits and photos, and some of the money you spend on it will be used to pay back all of the ripped-off masses, including the REAL charity "Reading Is Fundamental."

If you'd rather slog your way through the Free, Unabridged Version...

Very Late Entry: Feb. 2010: You're too late. When my mom died at the same time as LiveJournal decided NOT to censor Amy for her latest scam (posing as a young man named Andy Blake, dying of a tragic heart condition and constantly being mistaken for his "evil twin sister," Amy Player), I made a decision. No more free gossip, my friend. Most of the posts in this journal were deleted, and almost all the rest were modified, with all but the beginning of the entries removed.

So, if you want to hear this incredible jawdropping story, you'll just have to buy the book, "When a Fan Hits the Shit: The rise and fall of a phony charity," available here or at Amazon.com.

This post remains, so that you can read comments from victims, bystanders, and even the crook Amy Player herself, which have been left over the past 7 years. Have a look around. Click on some links and see what others have had to say about Amy and Abbey. And if you'd like to read how a scheming thief and a charismatic sociopath teamed up to create a phony Internet charity and fleece half the cast of the "Lord of the Rings" movies, you can find the whole juicy story here or at Amazon.com.

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