turimel (turimel) wrote,

I guess this fandom's called "Supernatural."

I haven't heard of it, myself, but I got a tip tonight to check out this Tumblr account:


I didn't really look at it much.  As soon as I saw:

It was never my intention to start fandom wank, I swear, or to pile
on a relative stranger. But what I read freaked me enough that I thought
it was my responsibility to let others know.
I’m not telling you to unfollow andy, or to stop reading his meta, or
to send nasty messages to him, or anything like that. I’m only trying
to pass along the same information that was given to me.

I already knew the whole story from start to finish. Meet the new con, same as the old con.

Abbey got a note on her blog to the effect of:

He's been calling himself a vessel now, saying he can hear what the real angels are saying and invite them into him, particularly Castiel, and that they're hiding the truth of the show in plain sight and we're basically living in the French Mistake universe but he can see where the show's happening in reality and that's how he knows Destiel is real, and he's been collecting money to get "the rest" of the Winchester Gospels published, but of course it's all super secret.

Like I said, same as always. Channeling yet again. Doesn't it ever get old?

If you've been missing that good old fashioned wank, by all means, indulge yourself. I'm too busy to bother, but if anything original or interesting turns up, feel free to post it here so we can all munch popcorn and peruse the new OMGWTFBBQ.


PS. Here's a link to a more explanatory post: http://flutiebear.tumblr.com/post/43988347092/a-con-artist-in-our-midst

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