turimel (turimel) wrote,

Shameless Commerce Division: "My" band's tour and album

Hey, all.  Things have certainly been quiet lately.  I know we're all waiting for the inevitable next disaster, but in the meantime, life goes on.  I've been getting the band I manage ready to tour the West Coast.

I can't figure out how to make the Calendar Widget work with LJ, so you'll have to go to our main website to see where we're playing:


The guys and I will be in LA, Seattle, Portland, Bend, and several points in between.  Come see them play if you get a chance.  They utterly, utterly shred.

We're doing a Kickstarter campaign so we can print a new album before we hit the road.  If you like their music, you can basically pre-order the album at this link: 


And if you happen to know an awesome venue that might want to have the guys play, we've still got some dates open during the tour.  I'm trying to put these crazy Russians to work every day they're here--otherwise they'll just sit around my kitchen drinking all my vodka.  :-)


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