turimel (turimel) wrote,

You knew it was coming: "Andy's" latest Big Ask

Reported to me today: Brother, can you spare a dime (or $2000)?"

So the guy marries an American woman but still has to file $2k worth of paperwork in order to remain in the US? Can anyone confirm whether there's any truth to that?

And of course, somehow this little "fact" eluded their attention until a week before the deadline. This is a major M.O. for all con artists: everything is a rush, with a highly emotional outcome if YOU fail to act. That way you don't have time to think about things like "is this even a valid ask," or "should I really give money for someone stupid enough to wait until the last minute to raise money--especially for something they could have EASILY predicted, for MONTHS, would cost some dough?"

Wanna take bets on whether the DAYDians fall for this one?

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