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The 100% True Story About Everything.

I had to share this. Amy's own words, courtesy of a friend with really good connections at Skype. A good lesson for everyone to remember--nothing you say on the internet is truly private.

For your reading (dis)pleasure... Andrew's summary of the 2009 wank, Project Eleanor, BoE, Amy, Jordan and you... from a Skype chat just a week or two ago.

The story now seems to be that Amy Player is just some random stranger to whom you tried to link him out of revenge. Too bad nobody in the world believed you (except those thousands of FW posters), haha!

How do you make up an evil twin and then un-make her up and STILL HAVE PEOPLE BELIEVE YOU? Only Andrew knows!!

But for a random crazy stranger... Andrew sure does know a lot about Amy and the little details of Project Eleanor and BoE.....

FAN 1: I hope I'm not opening old wounds but what's the story about Andy being a scammer of some sort?

FAN 2: Long story short (too late) Andy's sister and a vengeful ex attempted to connect Andy with a female scam artist who'd caused a bit of a scandal in Lord of the Rings fandom a few years ago. Some still believe that Andy and this Amy are one and the same.

FAN 1: And they still are trying to make it believable?

FAN 2: Apparently. It's become something of a running joke around here - - how bad Andy fails at con-artistry.


FAN 1: But... if Andy is that girl... who is the blue-haired (now purple-haired) guy on the profile pictures? :P

FAN 2: *shrug* You're expecting logic from these people?

.......))later that day((.......

ANDREW BLAKE: Back in the spring of 2008, I had a three week online flirtation with a woman named Shannon, who goes by Luvscharlie online. She seemed sweet enough at first, btu then I got very uncomfortable with her obsession with porn, with being the "perviest" and "kinkiest" in her circle of friends, with fandom popularity, and the extent to which she neglected her daughter for fandom. I ended the relationship, and she persued, and she acted like I'd left her at the friggin' altar when I said No Means No. So a year and a half later, one of her friends of friends who writes Supernatural real-person slash porn gets in a fandom scandal, and several other juicy fandom scandals from years past are referenced, including the "Great VB/TentMoot debacle". Never not wanting to be In The Know, Shannon hunts it up, and notices a resemblance between me and this "VB." Half hoping that it is me and she can make my life hell, not caring if it isn't because it'll make my life hell anyway, she sends my Twitpic address and all other info she can find on me to Turimel and says that the Great Con Artist Has Been Found.

Turimel has two options: She can say that yes, there's a resemblance, but there's really no other evidence beyond state of birth and look connecting the two, and further investigation would be required to make sure it wasn't a sibling, cousin, or coincidence... or she can go howling into the middle of fandom shrieking that all the mockery of her before for being a lunatic was wrong because here is PROOF that VB's AT IT AGAIN because her latest scamming scam of scamdom is PRETENDING TO BE MALE and inviting people out to DC for something called "Daydcon" which we all KNOW will just be a ruse to sell thousands of fake tickets and run cackling into the night with money!!!

We all know what she chose.

And then she got laughed out of Harry Potter when the Big Scam Convention turned out to be, well, Daydcon. There was a lot of"wow, this whole thing is freaky," but then the world moved on and left her sulking and embarrassed. She's had a year and a half to stew, and then she gets another "opportunity," this time to prove that no, she's not a paranoid obsessive loser, I Really Killed People This Time ZOMG!

An here we all are, and she's wrong again, and she'll be shown up as wrong again, and she'll go off sulking into her corner, and three years from now some troll will send her word that I've had or adopted a kid, and she'll find some cute baby-in-bath pictures and start shrieking that My Latest Scam Is Child Porn. It's how she rolls.

I've had people who actually want to kill me, who have killed people before with no compunction, for things I've actually done. Some bitch ranting erroneously on her LJ?

There is no fucking way that can touch me at all.

I live big, live passionately. I have people who would die for me and people who would die for the chance to have me dead. I've seen 37 friends die violently. I've been shot 4 times. I've been stabbed, strangled, beaten, burned, left for dead...an internet brouhaha doesn't register as anything more than a mosquito bite. And it's a lot more amusing.

And while we're getting things out there, I did some digging to find out for sure about the LotR mess of 2001-03 when the scandal broke, just to be sure that I wouldn't have cops at my door with outstanding warrants and a lot of annoying explanations and paperwork when I was trying to prepare a meetup.

The Big Scandal, of course, which everyone's heard right now, is that Amy was supposedly impersonating Elijah Wood, stalking LotR actors, stole $3000 from Reading is Fundamental, and ran this huge scam of a pretend LotR convention hat stole tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars from dozens of fans and sponsors and stars, all of which she pocketed.

The reality is about as closely related as how I supposedly seduced Brittany into leaving her poor kindly husband, accused him of horrible abuse, and slowly drove him mad until he had no choice but to try and kill us all to prevent us stealing everything he had and leaving him beggared in the streets and then, when he showed up with the gun, threw Brittany and Tony into his path, dared him to shoot, and dove for cover.

The reality: Amy was deeply into LotR roleplaying and did a lot of chats and even had a few RPG journals, one of which was, yes, an RPF RPG where she did play as Elijah. She was a big fan of him and Sean Astin, and did start a Sam Gamgee fan club, but no worse a fan than many other people. She was a least bisexual, possibly lesbian, possibly trans - she's been legitimately confused about that at least since she was 10 - and when she decided to try living as a boy for a while, she took the name Jordan Wood, which maybe was a bit fangirly juvenile, but she was 17. There was speculation that she was a cousin by some people, which she never quashed, but she never actually made any claims.

There was a big project to build a reading garden for Reading is Fundamental; Project Eleanor. They had a special screening to raise money for the project, which had been budgeted about $1400, and the extra was supposed to go to RiF. The screening raised $3000, but due to some errors in how much wood they were going to need for the deck and some other unforeseen expenses, Project Eleanor wound up costing $3400. So no, nothing got donated to RiF, and yes, Amy reimbursed herself the expenses she'd paid out of pocket, but the whole thing wound up COSTING her $400, and there was nothing TO give to charity. The police conduced an extensive investigation of this and determined that the only wrongdoing was that she hadn't filed a license before holding a raffle, and she was fined $400 for an illegal gambling activity. They also found out that she'd not filed any of the right paperwork, but determined that it was ignorant, not criminal, and simply issued an injunction that sad all over it that it was not a statement of guilt or wrongdoing but that she agreed not to engage in a financial capacity with any charity in the state of Oregon for 2 years or until she had taken certain classes.

With Project Eleanor having been a technical, even if not financial success, and having gotten a lot of attention, admiration, and having gotten to spend the day with one of her favorite actors, Amy made a really stupid choice. Rather than saying "I overstepped myself a bit with this, but it was good, let's scale it back a bit and do it again," she decided to go A Billion Times As Big. She was going to throw an LotR convention that would make ComiCon look pathetic!

Now, I don't know about you, but if a teenaged kid with zero convention experience was spouting big dreams like that after having sort-of-failed and barely pulled off and netted no proceeds with their last event...I'd not be lining up to throw money at it.
However, she was gushing about how she was going to get All The Actors There, and people who are already tits-deep in fandom will do a lot of stupid if they think they can meet The Movie Stars.

So she does her damndest, but she frankly hasn't got clue one. Her mouth's writing checks that her knowledge can't keep, and she says that stuff's going to happen with no idea how she'll pull it off, figuring it's a lot easier than it is. She's talking so big and confident, that for a while, she does have a lot of the actors agents on board and have them booked, because she's telling the agents about this huge convention with thousands of people etc etc. Then people start looking further, and pulling out, and more and more "did you remember to do the - - -" starts catching up wither her. The whole damn thing implodes. It's not a scam, it's a really badly run event. Everyone who has put anything into it, herself included, loses their shirts. There is no convention.

Turimel starts screaming that Amy has obviously run off with all the tens of thousands of dollars from the thousands of tickets and al the hundreds of vendors and movie stars and does manage to get Amy arrested. Tey find out that it was just epically poorly run, there is no money, there were barely 50 tickets sold and the venue has refunded them all, the vendors she never got table fees from and there were only a dozen... that it was a disaster that had been grossly inflated but by the cocky mouth of a kid who thought they could do it and were doing it, not a scam artist.

Turimel refuses to believe it, and is further horrified to hear from the police that the person they arrested was technically a girl, which throws her into epic spasms of OMGNOEZ!!!

So, she has two options.

1) Either she gave about 10K on her credit card for deposits (all of which was refunded, btw) to a gender-confused, emotionally messed-up teenage kid who was making grandiose promises that should have easily been seen through as unable to follow through on despite best intentions. IN other words, that she was a 45 year old woman who made a really stupid decision out of being blinded by her own fandom obsessions.


Except, well, number two didn't get her far. So she had to start coming up with "better reasons" why she was so upset. So the numbers started inflating, the charges got wilder, etc.

She stopped mentioning the deposits had been refunded. She started claiming the huge success Amy had promised as money stolen rather than money that never happened, etc.

But no matter how wild she got, her attention and martyr status dried up fairly soon, especially as more people started calling her on her bullshit. So she published a book - well, she had to self-publish on a vanity press - that was basically her LJ between a set of covers. And she had the chutzpah to actually add the cost of printing and promoting (which didn't work) to the Amount Amy Stole From Her.

But the book went nowhere, and no one was listening any more, and she was herself an internet laugingstock, and she sulked and brooded and stewed and festered her hate - remember, after helping with the convention she was suppose to beBFFs with a dozen movie stars and the biggest queen in the LotR fandom by now - until Shannon came along and made her a very happy woman by handing her the Golden Boy of Harry Potter fandom on a silver platter.

She's 55 now, mother of three, and a doctor for an insurance company.

All because she's still incredibly bitter that she didn't get to spend a weekend hanging out with the Fellowship and becoming a fandom superstar.

Amy's got problems, oh yes. But Turimel's got bigger ones, and if anyone's walking the fine edge of criminal and getting away with it, it's her with the slander, libel, and harassment.

[Turi here: Baby, if you ever want to accuse me of slander and libel, take me to court. Please. Bring it on. Here, have some evidence: Amy Player is a con artist. She is currently posing as a male named Andrew Michael Blake. She established this identity with a fraudulent Virginia driver's license. There ya go, "Andy." Take that to the cops and say you want to press charges. What's holding you back?]

I've actually talked to the cops about it, but I can't get a restraining order because she's wrong about who I am... she keeps threatening and spreading lies about *Amy.

It's like David Ecks, who has made his living screaming about the vast alien government conspiracy.

FAN 3: So you can't stop her because her accusations are too ridiculous for a legal response?

ANDREW BLAKE: He can't be sued for slandering the Alien Overlords because there aren't any, and yes ))Fan 3(( that's exactly it.


ANDREW BLAKE: I will warn you fairly that if Holly (EDITOR NOTE: author of the article about the ToT hike) doesn't come down hard on the side of Amy/Andy is Evilest Evil, she'll be on Turimel's shit list, and Streetlight will be smeared on Turi's journal as yet another dupe in my pocket at best, an outright co-conspirator at worst. But that's not actually a big deal, I don't personally think.

FAN 1: Well... Turi has...what? 3 followers?

FAN 2: All of those posts on the article were from variations on the same screenname. One from Facebook, one from AOL, one from Yahoo.

ANDREW BLAKE: About a dozen. A lot of whom are just in it for the troll factor of watching the scandal and screaming and poking it all.

Has anyone seen her latest post? It's baffling to me. So these two emails... they don't have identical IP addresses. The IP addresses indicate different computers in the same area. At that time, Amy was living in Newport News, the biggest military center in the country, and claiming that it was someone she knew locally and personally. So wouldn't it be a sign that it was TRUE that the IPs were different computers from the same area? And, um, apparently Matt was in the Marines and Matt = Jason and Brittany = Amber? Except that I = Amy = Matt = Jason? I'm so fucking confused. What is she even accusing there?


Wasn't that special? Not that I expected anything different. Amy always falls back on "Oh, that person accusing me of con artistry? She's a bitter ex-girlfriend."

I do admit, I am puzzled about Holly the Journalist, but I reckon she's too boggled by the sheer amount of bizarre details to write a story about this. I got the same reaction from the Oregonian and TheOneRing.net--it's too much detail for a coherent story.

I'm not even going to go into the whole bit about how Everybody got Refunds and Everybody Got Reimbursed for All The Mischief. Bullshit. So are all of her "facts" about me-age, kids, job, transphobia. But hey, we all know how honest and truthful Amy is.

So yeah, all three of you who follow this LJ, hope you got it all straightened out now.

And can I just add... "The Golden Boy of HP fandom?" How can someone so utterly shitty have such enormous self-esteem?

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