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Another Way Back letter--sockpuppetry this time

OK, so last week I was trying to free some space on my hard drive when I deleted something important and got the Blue Screen of Death. Couldn't fix it, no one could, had to reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows. Bleah. So I spent today reloading programs (fortunately I had data on one drive, programs on the other--so mostly I lost downloaded programs, not Irreplaceable Stuff). That included rebuilding my Outlook Express mailboxes from backup. (Sorry, I know, I know, but I'm getting to the good part. Bear with me for 5 more sentences).

Since I was messing with old emails, I decided to do the same thing I did the other night, which was to pick an email at random and read it. I did that on my Hotmail account (which receives mail from this LJ), but this is the stuff I've saved on my home computer. Anyway, this was the letter I picked (slightly edited for space):


From: Carlanime
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 12:57:29 -0500 (EST)

Hi. I may not be the first person to point this out, so if
you already know about it, just skip this--but if you
don't, it might be of interest.
You know the old boe group on yahoo? It's still there;
I was re-reading messages (out of, I admit this up
front, sheer nosiness). Anyway, I *think* I've noticed
something about the IP addresses, but I don't know
enough about computers to be sure.

Okay: at some point "VB" tells a meandering story
about meeting a marine who likes slash. ::pause to
roll eyes:: That sounded so unlikely that I clicked
the "reveal source" option at the top of "his"
messages, and I think I've found a pattern.

Here's the source information for said "marine" when
he posts to the group:

108. From VivaZeeBool@h... Tue Jan 08 21:38:03 2002
From: "Rennie Gade" <vivazeebool@h...>
Received: from unknown (
X-Originating-IP: []

And--this is the part I'm wondering about--here's the
info from the next message from VB:
111. From voyagerbabe@h... Wed Jan 09 04:44:09 2002
From: "VB ." <voyagerbabe@h...>
Received: from unknown (
X-Originating-IP: []


I swear, I picked this letter at random--just scrolled up with a flick of the mouse and clicked on whatever it landed on. It happens to be from Carlanime, who was the first one to tell me about "Andy Blake's" involvement in the Fairfield shootings. Like I said in that post, she's a long time reader and commenter here.

Now, the reason this is interesting is that I have heard from former friends of Amy/"Andy" regarding some creepy business from Brittany Quinn's "husband." People from the DAYD crowd tell me that Ms. Quinn's husband, a Marine, had persistently hassled/stalked Brittany on line through the DAYD community message service for a while, texting or tweeting or IM'ing or whatever. This was taken as proof that Ms. Quinn was in danger and needed "Andy's" protection (ahem, yeah, right).

Never mind that according to the newspapers, Brittany Quinn was single, or that Jason Eisenburg was a video producer, not a Marine. I'd like to propose to the DAYD community that since Amy Player (as "Victoria Bitter") has masqueraded on line as a Marine before, it just might be possible that she did it again (as "Andy Blake").

Fortunately, there's a nice, rational, objective way to find out: I'd encourage anyone with access to the IM records regarding Brittany's "Marine ex-husband" to just take one look at the IP address origins of those messages... and compare them to the messages from "Andy Blake."

I hope a few of the DAYD folks will try this simple little test. It could be a real eye-opener.

And I GOTTA quit looking through my mailboxes. Geez, this stuff is addicting! I was ANGRY when I read it all the first time... but now, sheesh, it's a better timesuck than Facebook, Minesweeper, and my Firefly DVD's put together!

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